How to Unlock Disgaea 2 Classes Easily

Disgaea 2 classes play a fundamental role in helping you battle the many enemies on the field. There are 17 humanoid classes that you can use, and not all of them are unlocked from the start. Below is a guide on how to unlock each Disgaea 2 class.

For the first six classes, all you have to do is unlock the Dark Assembly. The rest have prerequisites that must be completed, and then you have to lobby the bill to unlock that class. Plenty of mana is required to be able to unlock all the Disgaea 2 classes.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Warrior
Fearsome Warrior

The Warrior is one of the basic Disgaea 2 classes. Once you have unlocked the Dark Assembly, you are free to create a Warrior class. Their strengths lie in melee weapons as well as having a higher attack value.

When they come up against magic users, however, Warriors have very little in the way of magic defense. When creating a new Warrior, it may be beneficial to increase their resistance rather than improve their other stats. Otherwise, try to position a warrior within a few spaces of a magic user as quickly as possible.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Valkyrie
The long-range Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is another Disgaea 2 class that is unlocked once you unlock the Dark Assembly. Valkyries are a female version of the Warrior. Stat-wise, the two are not dissimilar. The only major difference is that Valkyrie is suited to more long-range weaponry, such as spears and bows.

This makes them more suited to tackling magic users, even with their low resistance to magic. Having both a Warrior and a Valkyrie will mean you can continue to damage any magic users before they start killing off your fighters.

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Disgaea 2 Classes:  A Skull mage
The majestic Skull

The Skull is one of the basic classes in the game. Once you have unlocked the Dark Assembly, you are free to create a Skull class. The Skulls are male mages. Specializing in one element of magic.

Once you begin to progress through the different ranks of a Skull, they gain access to many different elements, expanding their usefulness in almost all situations.

Their one weakness is their low defense. If you come across a battlefield that does not allow ranged or magic combat, it is best not to use them.

However, Skulls do have high adaptability for short-range weapons such as swords and spears, which can be used to counter this weakness.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Female mage
A magical class.

The Mage is one of the basic classes in the game. Once you have unlocked the Dark Assembly, you are free to create a Mage class. Magi are female and are not much different from their male counterparts. With the same strengths and weaknesses.

The only difference is weapon mastery. Both excel at Staffs, but Mages are also adept at using bows and guns.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Healer
Heal me!

The Healer class (Cleric) is available from the start. The main focus is on buffing and healing other party members. They are not very strong and are usually the first units to be killed. Even so, they are worth keeping purely for their healing benefits until you unlock the Geomancer.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Thief

The Thief is available from the start. The thief specializes in stealing and de-buffing enemy units. From my playthrough, they have not been needed since other classes can de-buff. And beyond a certain point in the game, funds are far from scarce. Though if you see an enemy with a special item, a thief will have a higher chance of stealing it.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Sinner
What Sins has he committed?

How to Unlock the Sinner

Sinner is a class that you unlock by getting your first Felony, which should be one of the first Disgaea 2 classes you unlock. You will then have to go to the Dark Assembly and lobby with the senators to unlock this class. Make sure you have plenty of Mana and items that you can bribe the senators with.

Class Features

Unlike the Warrior or Valkyrie class, the Sinner class focuses on using one weapon type: Fists. Not only that but it also has two points in the attribute counter, which is useful when surrounded by multiple units. It should replace any Warrior units that you have due to these abilities. But not Valkyrie since they are more suited to long-range.


Disgaea 2 Classes:  Beast master
Taming the monsters in the underworld

How to Unlock the Beastmaster

Beastmaster is another Disgaea 2 class that you have to unlock. To unlock Beastmaster, you have to lift and throw a monster onto your base plate (The square where your team spawns). Depending on the strength of your team, you should be able to capture it.

The best way to do this is to start a level in the Beginning fields and use your strongest hero to launch the enemy into the baseplate. This will unlock the Beastmaster.

Class Features

The Beastmaster provides boosts to your own monsters that are next to them. Which can be useful if you rely on monsters to make up your party, including the hero monsters.

Equipment-wise, they are pretty adaptable to all weapons apart from Fists, Staves, and Guns. Beastmasters also have access to various Specials that can further boost monsters stats, including Exp gain.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Geomancer
Master of the Geo Symbols.

How to Unlock the Geomancer

The Geomancer is probably the hardest class to unlock so far. You need to get a Geo combo of more than 500. The best place to do this is World 2, Stage 4. Just destroy the Geo Symbol behind Axel and you should easily get the option to unlock the Geomancer.

Class Features

Geomancers use mostly Star magic to attack their enemies. Along with this, they also have Geo abilities that can only be used in the item world. Which is especially useful when trying to upgrade items. They are very powerful casters, and they have replaced my other casters.

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Heavy Knight

Disgaea 2 Classes:  Heavy knight

How to Unlock the Heavy Knight

To unlock the Heavy Knight, have a party member reach Spear Mastery Level 3. This is best attempted with a Valkyrie, as they have a high affinity for Spears.

Class Features

The Heavy Knight is available to take heavy hits from your enemies. They have a higher than normal HP stat, which makes them ideal for tanking large, damaging attacks.

They are also suited to throwing other party members large distances. Which can be helpful on a big level. Apart from that, they are useless at attacking and should only be there to protect the rest of the party.

Magic Knight

Disgaea 2 Classes:  Magic knight

How to Unlock the Magic Knight

The Magic Knight requires that you have characters that have level 3 Mastery in Sword and Staff. This doesn’t need to be one character, as long as you have one character with Mastery 3 in Sword and another with Level 3 in Staff, you will unlock the option to lobby for them.

Class Features

The Magic Knight is an all rounder. Having both great proficiency with weapons. As well as the ability to cast spells.

Her main feature is that she can change a character’s weakness to a different element. Which can then be exploited using the same character.


Disgaea 2 Classes:  Archer

How to Unlock the Archer

To unlock the archer, one of your characters must have a level 5 Mastery in Bows. Your best option is to use a Valkyrie to level up the Bow mastery, as they are the highest proficiency that you will have access to as an archer.

Class Features

The Archer can be used to replace your Valkyrie units. The Archer specializes in bows, but can also use spears. They also have a +1 to range when they use bows.


Disgaea 2 Classes: Gunner

How to Unlock the Gunner

To unlock the Gunner, you need a character that has a level 5 mastery in Guns. Your best option is to use Rozalin, as she has high proficiency in using guns.

Class Features

The Gunner is an alternative to the Archer. Using guns, you have less flexibility in who you can target, but a gun has a slightly longer range of a bow.

Gunners benefit from teaming up with other classes when they use their attack command.


Disgaea 2 Classes:  Ninja
It’s my Ninja way!

How to Unlock the Ninja

To unlock the Ninja, you need to have characters that have level 5 mastery in Swords and Fists. Though they do not need to be the same character.

I would recommend using Sinner and Adell to get these masteries.

Class Features

The Ninja possess a huge amount of movement during their turn. They also have a high evasion stat to keep them out of harm’s way.

They are very useful in closing the distance between the start plate and faraway enemies. I usually use them as the first line of attack, followed by Adell.


Disgaea 2 Classes:  Female ninja
Sneaky Kunoichi

How to Unlock the Kunoichi

To unlock the Ninja, you need to have characters that have level 5 mastery in Staffs and Fists. Like the Ninja, you can use Adell to get the Fist mastery up. While one of the spellcasters can be used to increase the staff mastery.

Class Features

Kunoichi units are very similar stat-wise to Ninja’s. Excelling at evasion and movement. The big difference is that the Kunoichi has access to status inflicting skills. These can be used to weaken the enemy forces, while the rest of your party catches up with them.

Male Samurai

Disgaea 2 Classes:  Samurai
The way of the blade.

How to Unlock the Male Samurai

To unlock the Male samurai, you need to have level 5 mastery in Swords. Which is best attained by using the Warrior class.

Class Features

The Male Samurai is suited to being a purely offensive unit. His attack stat is higher than usual, and with a slightly lower defense, you will want to use it to take out the enemy in one strike. Otherwise, he could be lost very quickly


Disgaea 2 Classes: Majin
The ultimate class.

How to Unlock

The best class in the game can only be unlocked once you’ve completed the game and started a new cycle.

Class Features

Majin’s lack of moves is more than made up for in both stats and weapon proficiency. Majin’s are useful in all circumstances, and they benefit from being the last one standing in your team.

To the point where it may be worthwhile having low level characters killed off, so that you can benefit from Majin’s special ability.

Disgaea 2 Classes

This is just a list of all the main humanoid classes available in the base game. There are a few other classes available in DLC which I will cover in a different article.

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