4 Useful Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

Fallout New Vegas console commands are useful for any player on PC/Mac/Linux. Unfortunately, they are not available for the console players. So if you are on Xbox or PlayStation you are out of luck. However, if you do have a few years old laptop it should run Fallout New Vegas pretty easily.

What are Fallout New Vegas Console Commands?

In most Bethesda games, on PC the player has access to the console. This allows the player to input commands to change their game. Common uses include adding items to your inventory, increasing caps or even changing SPECIAL and/or skill points. You can give your character god-like stats, not available if you played the game normally.

Now prewarning, if you haven’t completed a playthrough of the main game before. I would recommend not using console commands. They will reduce the difficulty level to an almost boring level. Though it allows you to enjoy the story more than the gameplay.

Another issue is if you are not careful the game can become unstable. To prevent this from happening check out my Fallout New Vegas mod guide which provides some stability mods. The Anti Crash mod and unofficial patches should prevent bugs from most if not all of your craziest console commands.

How to Access the Fallout New Vegas Console?

The console can be accessed in-game, whether in real-time or while paused. On your keyboard press the the backquote key (`). This will bring up the game console. If you are running NVSE it will show NVSE on the console:

Fallout New Vegas Console Command terminal.
The Console

Add Item

One of the most useful console commands is additem. When paired with the object ID, it will add the specified item to your inventory:

player.additem <objectID> <count>

Any item that you can store in your inventory, can be added using this simple command. Such as weapons:

10mm Pistol

player.additem 0000434F 1
Fallout New Vegas Console Command 10mm pistol
10mm Pistol

12.7mm pistol:

player.additem 0008F213 1
12.7mm pistol
12.7mm one of the most powerful pistols

To get the code for a specific item, you can search https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/ for the item. Once you’ve opened the page for that item on the right-hand side there is a table. At the very bottom of the table is a form ID which is the object ID you need to add the item to your inventory.

fallout new vegas console command objectid

SPECIAL or Skills Console Commands

Is your high-roller lacking luck, or does your marksman have a damage output that leaves a lot to be desired? Well a simple console command can boost the relevant skill or SPECIAL attribute. You can either add points to your skills/attributes using the below code:

player.modav <attribute or skill> <points/levels to add> 
Guns skill to 100
An easy gun skill level-up to 100

If the skill is more than one word, remove the spaces between the words. I.e. to add 25 levels energy weapons type:

player.modav energyweapons 25

If however, you don’t want to have to do some math or you want a precise number, you can use the following console command:

player.forceav <skill or attribute> <points or levels>

Attributes can go up to a maximum of 10, while skills have a ceiling of 100. Even if you try a number higher than the limit, the skill or attribute will default to its maximum.

Death, the Instant Kind.

If a particular NPC is annoying you, instead of wasting your bullets or reputation on killing them you can use the following command:


However, before pressing enter click on the character first while the console command is up. The below video shows the process.

Fast-er Travel

If you have gotten yourself stuck. Or you fancy a change of scenery the following command can move you to the selected location:

coc <name of location>

To get the name you need to input, go to the Fallout Fandom Page. Find a Fallout New Vegas location. On the right-hand-side click Technical and the cell name will appear:

New Vegas Console Commands: Cell name

You will then instantly travel to that location. Which is pretty handy in the middle of a gunfight.

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

There are many more commands which can be found on the Fallout fandom page. Experiment and this will hopefully add many more enjoyable hours in the Mojave wasteland.

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