Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness Power Leveling

Disgaea is one of my favourite series of all time. It combines the gameplay of Final Fantasy tactics with a much darker yet humorous world. The characters have unique personalities, and the world maps are varied. I’ve recently tried a challenge of completing Disgaea with only one character, however, due to the mechanics of the game a melee character has limited range. However, I have learned the best areas to do Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness Power Leveling.

Preparation (Optional)

Apart from completing levels up to the point where you have access to them, there are a few other things that you can do to make power levelling a quicker process.

The first is by using specialists to boost the experience you earn. Each item in Disgaea has at least one specialist and the maximum number of specialists it can hold is defined by the population. For example, a weapon with 1/5 population, has one specialist and four remaining slots for specialists. To get around this you can merge specialists of the same type, so they only take up one slot to do this follow the below steps. To make exp farming easier you need to have an item with a minimum of 300 statisticians, this will be four times the exp earned per kill. Any more than 300 is ignored.

To get 300 statisticians on one item, you need to subdue statisticians on other items. This is by going to its item world and defeating the specialist. You can then move the specialist to another item. If you have a shop rank of over 8 however, there is a glitch you can use to buy an item called Foresight from the item shop. There is a high chance the specialists on that item will already be subdued.

Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness Power Leveling - Foresight glasses

Another useful tip is that if you get to level 4 at the dark assembly you unlock the triple Exp Bill. This means the next enemy you kill nets you three times the exp on top of the 300 statistician’s bonus. However, this is only good for one enemy, so it is best used when you start combining all enemies on a map with one enemy.

Blazing Core: Road of Flames (Episode 4, Level 1) (Character Level 1 to 25)

Blazing Core: Road of Flames. Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

In this map, there are four tiles with +100 exp as well as four low-level enemies. There is a further three enemies in the top right of the map. Take the character you want to level up and attack each enemy one at a time, this should net you some easy exp. If you find your low-level character being killed off quite easily use another character to life the low-level character at the end of the turn. All attacks will then be directed at the lifter.

Once your character can one-shot the enemies, it’s time to start combining them. Lift the enemies and throw them at each other to merge them. A higher-level version will then appear. Kill that and you will net extra exp. Start with combining two at a time, then three, then eventually all enemies once you can one-shot them. Once you get to around level 20 it is time to move on.

Jotunheim: Terrible Cold (Episode 5, Level 3) (Character Level 25 – 60)

Jotunheim: Terrible Cold. Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

On this map, all tiles have the invincibility effect, except one tile near the Geo symbol. Start by moving your levelling character to one of the tiles either to the left or above the non-invincibility effect tile. Use another character to block the other direction. Then throw the enemies one at a time into the blank tile. Since the levelling-up character is now invincible, they cannot be damaged by higher-level enemies. Repeat this for each enemy. Then repeat the cycle.

Once you have started to one-shot the enemies, try combining them like you did in the previous level. However, once you get to the point of combining all enemies into one unit, make sure to pass the bill for triple exp to make the exp higher. Which should allow you to get to level 60 quickly.

Stellar Graveyard II: Star Cluster (Episode 12, Level 3)

Stellar Graveyard II: Star Cluster. Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

This stage also contains invincibility tiles on the higher ground areas, but there is a trade-off as you are also receiving 20% damage each turn. To get around this quickly, build a lifting tower consisting of ninjas and a high-attack character at the top. Then throw them as far as you can while hopefully leaving your high-level character right next to the Geo Symbols, once there throw the Geo Symbol for ally damage into the green tiles which removes the negative effect.

Once the negative effect has been removed, chuck all the enemies into the green tiles and have your leveling character remain on the red tiles. Attack each one with the leveling character. Once again on each cycle, if you can one-shot the enemy merge them until you are strong enough to merge them all and kill them in one shot. Again use the triple exp bill when killing this single mighty enemy.

Celestia: Fields of Virtue (Episode The Last, Level 1)

Celestia Fields of Virtue

This stage is quite simple when compared with the other stages so far. You get a small bonus to exp due to the geo effects. But the enemies also offer a lot of exp for defeating them. Like previous stages once you are strong enough to take down the enemies in one attack, combine them for even more exp. This should provide more than enough exp for the remainder of the story. Use the triple exp bill trick to net even more exp.

For the next stage, you will need around level 150 to be able to reap the benefits. So once leveling up, it no longer takes place during a cycle. Use the Stronger enemies bill to increase the strength of the enemies as well as the experience gained. Repeat this until you reach level 150.

Cave of Ordeal, Stage 3 (Up to Level 2,500)

disgaea afternoon of darkness power leveling cave of ordeals

This is the final leveling-up spot. To unlock the Cave of Ordeal you will need to have the bill approved. The bill for Cave of Ordeal is a level 6 bill and requires at least 700 mana. On top of this, all senators have a negative opinion of the bill so it will be more than likely you will need to use force to ‘persuade’ them. To make this easier, you can merge senators by throwing them at each other. By throwing a lower level against a senator at a higher level for senator they will merge into a higher level for senator. Continue doing this until all senators are for the bill.

The enemies on this map are arranged in a three-by-three square. Making it easy to attack them all at once using an AOE attack such as offensive magic or another skill. Just like the previous levels once killing them unmerged becomes useless for leveling up, start to merge them. Then employ the triple exp bill. Finally, use the ‘Stronger Enemies’ bill, and rinse and repeat.

Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness Power Leveling

These areas should help you on the way to hitting level 9,999 and complete some of the more difficult non-story bosses.If you have any other areas that can be aded to this Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness Power Leveling guide please let me know.

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