Essential Diablo 3 Seasonal Power Levelling Tips

Diablo 3 is an action RPG set in the world of Sanctuary. Where both Demons and Angels make their home. Diablo 3 seasonal events bring with it new challenges and new equipment. But to get up to speed fast, here are my Diablo 3 Seasonal Power Levelling Tips.

Step One: Challenge Rift

Each season brings a new challenge rift. These should be played first before advancing into the season proper. Season 27’s challenge is to defeat as many monsters as possible to fill a bar. Once filled, the rift boss appears, which must be beaten. If you complete the challenge under the time limit, they award you with a challenge rift award chest. Which you can redeem in Sanctuary once you’ve selected your character.

You can find the Challenge Rift by opening the main menu, going to Game Settings, then Click Challenge Rift.

Diablo 3 Seasonal Challenge Rifts

Step Two: Level 70 Weapon

Once you have selected your class, make your way to Sanctuary. Go to the Rift obelisk and right next to it, you will find a statue in which you can receive your Challenge Rift reward.

Go into your inventory menu and select the bag icon. Then select the very top option which should now contain your reward. Click on the reward and collect your spoils.

Warlug provides very helpful YouTube Videos. Click here to check him out.

With your new resources, go to the smithy and upgrade him all the way to level 12. This will open the option to Smith level 70 gear.

Now, depending on your class, you will want to craft the following level 70 items:

  • Ceremonial Knife (Witch Doctor)
  • Hand Crossbow (Demon Hunter)
  • Fist Weapon (Monk)
  • Daibo (Monk)
  • Mighty Weapon (Barbarian)
  • Wand (Wizard)

What you are looking for is a weapon that has an Area of Effect attack and life per hit effect. You have limited resources, so if you can only get one of those two effects, that is fine.

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Step Three: Reduce the Requirement

Next, go to the Artisan and level her up to 12. Then select the Enchant option. You now want to re-roll the AOE/life per hit effect until you get the option of “Level Requirement Reduced by…” The maximum is 30, so if you get 25 + there is very little reason to keep trying for the 30 option.

All this effect does is lower the level of requirement. All the other stats of the weapon remain the same, which means you can wield a level 70 weapon at level 40. So now that you have your weapons, you’re going to need to grind those levels.

To be safe, I would recommend storing the weapon in your chest, so you don’t accidentally drop/sell or salvage it.

Step 3.5: Easy Challenges

If you go into the seasonal menu, you can see a list of levels, all with unique challenges. Almost every season has challenges for maximum levelled Smith, artisan & jeweller. While you still have the funds, you should go to each one and make sure you level them up to 12 to complete the challenges.

Step 4: Power-Levelling

You should now have several blood shards. Find Kadala. She will take blood shards for a chance to win some decent gear. Whenever you return from Rifts, you will want to return to her regularly to see if you can score some better gear. At level one, it may be a better option to use the vendors to buy equipment. Or you can even steal equipment from potential followers.

So, to level quickly by killing as many enemies as you can in the least amount of time without losing the combo bonus. Below level 10, you will need to chain this with as many enemies as you can, as there isn’t a particular area that would be good for this.

Temple of the Firstborn

Once above level 10, go to Act Select and select Act 2, then select the Temple of the Firstborn Level 1. This level is crawling with small critters that can boost your combo quite significantly. Chaining this with bigger monsters will speed up the levelling-up process. Once this becomes too easy, quit out of the game and up the difficulty.

Make sure to pick up any gear that you find and salvage any that is useless. As you don’t want to have to leave behind any decent gear. If this gets boring, you could always stick on a podcast/audiobook in the background.

Step 5: Level 70 and Beyond

Once you hit level 70, you can increase the difficulty and get access to better gear. Your next objective is to systematically work through the season’s challenges as quickly as possible. Completing the first three sets of challenges for the season should not require much extra work. But from the fourth set, you will need to start ramping up the difficulty and crafting better gear.

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Diablo 3 Seasonal Power-Levelling

This should form a great foundation for all future seasons of Diablo unless they change it up. Which is unlikely, with Diablo 4 being more and more likely. If you have any additional tips, please reach out to me on Twitter and I will add it to this guide. Happy Demon/Angel hunting!

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