My Top 5 Deadwater Saloon Tips

Do you need some Deadwater Saloon tips to get started? Here are the tips that I discovered while playing the Saloon Sim for the past few days. If you haven’t gotten the game yet, check out my review.

Spread Skill Points 

With most RPGS, it may be tempting to specialize in a particular type of character. such a sneaky, strong character. But there is no real benefit to this, especially at the beginning of the game. My top tip would be to put most of your points in Seduction or [stat] and then spread the rest of your skill points around the rest of the skills.

Deadwater Saloon Tips: Character skillset

[stat] is useful for convincing citizens to like you and makes increasing the town’s opinion of you very quickly. It can also help level up other stats since a successful skill check results in +4 level in that stat. 

You will then find that you are maximising stats in a short amount of time. Which makes other Skill check actions easier to pass. Within a couple of hours, I had most of my stats at 100. 

Make Friends with Everyone 

The more people that like you, the more willing they are to spend time in your Saloon. Unlike other games such as Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley it is important to cultivate relationships with other citizens. 

Deadwater Saloon Tips: make new friends fast

Following on from the last tip, this should be straightforward. Click on the Citizens button, sort by Opinion and work your way up the list from lowest opinion to highest. You only have a limited number of actions per day. But in early game this should be more than enough.  

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If you have any nemesis citizens, it is best you deal with them quickly. Either by murdering them or by challenging them to a dual. The dual choice only becomes available if you have a claim against them. If you win a dual, your town suspicion and opinion won’t take a nose dive. But if you don’t have a claim, murder is the only possibility. Make sure to pay off the Sheriff if they are available. 

Invest in New Food/Drink 

Whenever a new food or drink source becomes available, you need to jump on it quick. As these bring with them better profit and more items for you to sell at any one time. As soon as your current recipe research is completed. Move on to the next new food/drink. 

This doesn’t only apply to food and drink, but also other items such as cigars that can be sold in your Saloon. As these items can prove to be quite popular with a high rate of return. 

Invest in the Shortest Research Time 

When deciding on what recipes to research. The best way to choose is to pick the recipes with the shortest research time. This will result in the most optimised method of going through the recipes as possible. It also means you will pick up new food and drink recipes to increase the size of your saloon’s menu. 

deadwater saloon research

The other bonus of this method is that if a new food or drink source is added to your town, you can pick it up very quickly. So that you can make use of them as early as possible. 

Spend Action Points on Permanent Boosts 

As you spend more time in Deadwater Saloon, new buildings will pop up. Some of these include permanent skill or action boosts. The action boosts are very handy. Especially when new citizens join the town. More actions mean more chances of improving your relations with other citizens. But remember, anything you choose from a building costs an action. The best way to refill your action pool is to either wait until the next day or use the Water Tower which can refill up to 3 actions. 

Deadwater Saloon Tips

I hope these Deadwater Saloon tips have helped you make best use of your time. Deadwater Saloon is a very enjoyable sim. These tips should get you pretty far into the game and you should start to see a massive change in revenue in a few in game days. 

If there are other Deadwater Saloon tips that you know of, please let me know, and I’ll update the above tips.

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