Best 5 Fallout 3 Console Commands

Fallout 3 allows the player to explore the capital wasteland after armageddon. The player will meet various survivors and mutated beasts that are friends or foes. However, it is a treacherous wasteland. If it gets too difficult or you want to mess around with the game. Fallout 3 console commands are the way to go.

Please note the console command is only available on PC/Mac/Linux, and not consoles.

What are Fallout 3 Console Commands?

Fallout 3 console commands allow the player to use the game engine’s scripting engine to accomplish specific tasks. If there is a particular weapon you want to get, a simple command will add it to your inventory. It can add ammo to your inventory. So you could have limitless mini-nukes to take on deathclaws or a settlement.

Other commands allow the player to beef up their character’s attributes and skills. No need to neglect skills when you can boost them.

Finally, they can get you out of areas where you are stuck. Either because your character can’t move. Or out of an area if you can’t progress due to difficult enemies.

A small warning, however, there is a chance that using the command console will result in game-breaking bugs. Also, if you kill NPCs you need for a quest, it will automatically fail.

How to Access the Command Console

To access the command console, ingame press the back quote button: `. On most laptops and keyboards, it is the top right key. You may need to press Fn depending on your keyboard.

1) The Add Item Console Command

The first console command is the add item command, which adds any item you specify to the player’s inventory. The command is as follows:

player.additem <item code> <quantity>

Once inputted, press the return or enter keys to execute the command. If you are in your inventory when this command executes, you need to exit and return for the item to appear. To find the codes, go to the Fallout 3 fandom page: Click on the subcategory of the item you want to add. Then click on the item you want. In the facts section on the right-hand side of the page, there is a Form ID section. This should be inputted as the item code when using the additem command. For example for the .32 pistol, input the following:

player.additem 0000080A 1
Fallout 3 console commands - additem

2) The Kill Command

The simple Kill command kills the selected NPC while the command console is visible. This is useful if you are struggling to fight certain NPCs. But can also be quite amusing during important events, though be warned if you kill an important character midrant, the game may error.

Fallout 3 console commands kill

To select a character, face the character and bring up the command console. Click on the character to select them. Then execute the following command:


If the character isn’t visible. If you want to kill them from afar you need to use the following command:

prid <ref_id>

To find the ref_id use the Fallout 3 wiki and click on the character you want to kill. On the right-hand side under the summary section click Technical, and the ref ID will appear. So to kill Bittercup:

prid 00027F12

If killing one isn’t enough there is the killall command which will kill all NPCs in the local area. However, be careful as this may kill quest-important NPCs


If you are going to use this command, do a quick save first (F5) in case it does kill an important NPC. However, if you are in an enemy-infested interior it should be fine.

3) The SPECIAL and Attributes Modifier

To modify your SPECIAL attributes and skills you have a variety of options. However, be aware that you can only max out attributes to 10 and skills to 100. If you try to increase the attribute/skill above the max it will remain at the max ceiling. The first way to modify the attributes/skills is to use the add points command:

player.modav <attribute or skill> <number of points>

The number of points can be negative to reduce the points on your character. This can be used not only to modify attributes and skills, but also health, stamina, and carry capacity.

There is also the setav command, which specifies the exact amount the skill/attribute should be, instead of having to use maths.

player.setav <attribute or skill> <level of attribute>

As with all these modifications, they can only go as high as the maximum allowed limits.

Fallout 3 console commands modav

If the skill is more than one word such as energy weapons, combine the words into one continuous word: energyweapons to use.

player.setav energyweapons 20

The above command will set your energy weapons skill to a low level of 20.

4) The Teleporter Command

If during your adventure you get stuck between two objects, or an NPC blocks you such as in a doorway. You need a quick way to move to the next location. This is where the teleport command is useful. This is the command:

coc <tile_id>

The tile ID can be found on the fandom website. If you find a Fallout 3 location on the website. Click Technical and the tile id is listed under the cell name section. The game will teleport you there exactly like if you fast-travelled there. Especially useful if there are enemies nearby.

Fallout 3 console command teleport

5) Teleport to the Quest Location

If you prefer to teleport directly to the active quest location, there is a convenient command available. The movetoqt instantly teleports you to the location of the quest. This saves you time having to find the ref id of the quest location to use it input as follows:


As long as you have a quest selected you will be transported to it.

Fallout 3 Console Commands Summary

The Console Commands in Fallout 3 can help you skip a lot of the game’s challenges. Therefore, I suggest using them only after completing most of the game without cheats. However, if you’re playing the game purely for its story, these cheats can make it easier for you.

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