Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Guide

Here you can find the Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault symbol locations The first location in the game is Claptrap’s Place. A little abode that has kept the old unit safe all this time. There is only one Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault symbol in this area. Following on from this area is the Southern Shelf which has 2 symbols greatly spaced apart.

Claptrap’s Place (Windshear Waste)

From the quick travel station, turn left and delve deeper into Claptrap’s home. Continue through, turning left at the closed door and heading forward until you get to another closed door. Open the door and straight ahead on the wall is the Vault Symbol.

borderlands 2 cult of the vault claptraps place

Southern Shelf

1st Symbol

In Southern Shelf, make your way to the former Crimson Raider’s base, where you get your first shield. Use the lever on the elevator to ascend to the base. Walk through the first door into the interior, then the second door to go outside. Head right and when you come to the edge of the base you should notice a metal thin platform that you should jump on. Make your way halfway up then turn around. To your left, there is an enclosed balcony. Jump onto the fence. Once on the fence, crouch and move onto the balcony. Once on the balcony, the symbol is underneath you.

borderlands 2 southern shelf 1

2nd Symbol

This time you need to make your way up Fink’s ship to the point just before you battle him and where you can press the lever to raise Claptrap. While facing the elevator, turn around. Towards the right-hand side, there should be a gap in the wall. Make a jump for it and continue heading forward until you come to another opening on your left. Sprint and launch yourself onto the next platform. Keep running and jumping all the way to the other end of the room. You should find yourself in a big room, and in the middle is the final vault symbol.

borderlands 2 southern shelf 2

If you prefer a video walkthrough of this section please see below:

Southern Shelf Bay

First Symbol

The first vault symbol can be found on the side of a boat. From the entrance of the area, make your way southwest through the Bullymong nests until you see the shipwreck. Climb onto the wreck but keep to the right of the cockpit. On the wall of the cockpit, you should find the vault symbol.

borderlands 2 southern shelf bay 2

Second Symbol

The second symbol can be found in the bandit lair. Make your way through the bandit lair, fighting off the bandits, until you get to the easternmost point. Face north and head up the stairs to the next level. Go past the following set of stairs and behind the pillars that hold up the building. Once you reach the ice wall, turn around and look up. The Vault symbol is high on the wall of the building. You will need to jump to activate it.

borderlands 2 southern shelf bay 1

After going through the Southern Shelf and Three Horns Divide, you next need to find the Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Frostburn Cavern symbols. Here is a quick guide on where to find them, as well as a video to support the text.

Three Horns: Divide

Windbreak Bandit Camp

In the south west of the area you’ll find a house overlooking the cliff. On the wall facing the sea you’ll find the first Three Horns Divide cult of the vault symbol.

bandit camp


The drydocks are full of bandits to kill. Once you’ve gotten through them head north east to find the cult of the vault symbol hiding on one of the walls.


Drydocks Billboard

When you exit the Drydocks you should see a billboard. Head to the rear of the billboard and you should see a cult of the vault symbol on the back of the sign. You may need to jump to activate it.

drydock billboard

Frostburn Cavern

Hidden Bandit

Upon reaching the initial Bandit encampment within Frostburn Cavern, proceed further into the depths of the cave. Remain vigilant on the left side, as an obscured exit exists behind the New-U station. Traverse through this concealed passage until reaching the highest point, where the symbol on the ground will be discovered.

frostburn cavern symbol 1

Frozen Symbol

The next symbol is tricky to find. From where you found the previous symbol. Continue through the cavern. Until you get to the entrance of the Firehawk area (where the fire traps start). There should be another path heading to the right. Follow the path and drop down into the frozen area. Continue following the path, and you should come up to a wall in the ice with the symbol.

frostburn cavern symbol 2

Whether you’ve just started playing. Or you are on a platinum hunt. Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault is a challenge where you have to find the Vault symbol in different areas within the Borderlands 2 universe. Here is a guide to the Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault Sanctuary locations.


The home of the Crimson Raiders, saviors of Pandora. There is only 4 Cult of the Vault symbols in this area. But 2 of them are tricky to find.

Scooter’s Symbol

From the entrance of Sanctuary, make your way into Scooter’s garage. Go behind the stairs, and on the floor nearby, the symbol should be easy to spot. It’s between the discarded tires and the wall. See below:

borderlands 2 sanctuary 5

Moxxi’s Front Door Symbol

Exit out the front door of Scooter’s. Head left towards Moxxi’s bar. Just before you enter the bar, turn right, and on the wall of the next building, you should be able to see the next symbol:

borderlands 2 sanctuary 1update

Trash Symbol

Enter Moxxi’s bar and make your way out the second exit. Keep heading straight. You will come up to a T-junction; go right. Then immediately head left into a small alleyway. Make your way past the dumpster, and at the other end of the dumpster is the symbol on the wall partially covered by the dumpster.

borderlands 2 sanctuary 2a

Rooftop Door Symbol

Come out of the alleyway, head right, and in front of you should be a bench. Jump on the bench and edge towards the overhang. Jump up onto the overhang. This may take some strategic positioning as part of the roof overhangs above you. Next, turn around and make your way to the opposite roof. You can either sprint and jump or go left and climb through the balcony. Once you are on the opposite roof, Jump onto the next roof and go forward. You should see a balcony straight ahead. Jump onto it. Have a look at the door on your left, and you should find the final symbol of Sanctuary.

borderlands 2 sanctuary 3

Roof Symbol

Go to the center of Sanctuary. Look north-west, and you should see a pile of tires. Jump on them, and then jump on the overhang in front of you. Turn right and there should be a protruding platform (chimney maybe?) jump on top of it. Turn around and jump onto the roof. Look left, and there should be a sloping roof. Jump on it, it may take a few attempts to get to the top. Across the street, you should see another rooftop. Sprint jump to this roof, and on top of the roof, you should see the Vault symbol.

borderlands 2 sanctuary 4

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The Dust

Moonshiner’s Shack

In the southwest area of the map, there is a fenced off shack. Clear the area inside so you can find the symbol in peace. Return to the entrance and face the large pipe. Move forward a few steps and turn 90 degrees left, and you will see some boxes. Jump on top of the highest box. Face south and jump on the roof in front of you. Follow the roofs around so that you end up on top of the pipe. The Moonshiner’s Shack symbol is on the lid.

Goose’s Nest

To get to the Goose’s Nest, you’ll need to drive one of your vehicles off a cliff. Keep to the Western area of the Nest. There is a helipad that is supported by small metal beams. Circle around it, and you should find a gap you can crawl through so that you are under the helipad. The Goose’s Nest symbol should be above you.

Hodunk Speedway

At the center of Hodunk Speedway there is a bridge that is part of the track. To the east of the bridge is a footpath. Follow this north until you hit a wall. Follow the wall east then around it and you should see the Hodunk Speedway symbol on the north side of this wall.

Friendship Gulag

Only one Cult of the Vault symbol at this location. Head all the way to the northern edge of the map. The symbol is hiding behind a container, near where the constructor battle takes place to free Roland.

Borderlands 2 Friendship Gulag Cult of the Vault

Borderlands 2 Cult of the Vault

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