Best 10 Medieval Dynasty Tips

Medieval Dynasty is a hybrid of a survival game and a city-building sim. Instead of massive cities, you set out to create a small village. If you’re having difficulty, here are my top 10 Medieval Dynasty tips to help you get started.

10. Choose Your Settlement Location Carefully

Building a village on a hill to overlook the rest of the land sounds picturesque. That is, until you start to build. It’s hard to pinpoint a flat spot on a hill, and your buildings risk ending up miles apart.

Medieval Dynasty Moving Settlement - A small village located on a steep hill.

Choose flatter land for your first settlement instead. A fantastic location is to the west of Gostovia. There are numerous trees for wood, and reeds are not far away. And staying close to the village will help you progress through the early quest lines.

If at a later date you want to move your settlement, check out this guide on how to move your settlement.

9. Pursue the Early Questlines

When you first boot up the game, you are limited to around 5 buildings at any one time. To boost that limit, you must complete the settlement quests. And you also need to complete various side quests in order to complete the settlement quests. The quests are not difficult and usually do not take long to complete. Several of the settlement quests are completed naturally as you play. If you’re having trouble, check out my guide, which should help you complete the earlier quests.

I would recommend, at the very least, completing the first quest for each NPC in Gostovia. This will increase your dynasty’s reputation and also provide you with some early unlockable buildings.

8. Keep an Eye on Your Thirst and Hunger

8th in our Medieval Dynasty Tips: building a settlement and completing quests is a thirst-inducing process. You need to make sure to keep an eye on both thirst and hunger so that you do not die. It also reduces your stamina and can have other harmful effects on your character.

Thirst can be easily quenched by wading into a river and drinking straight from it. There is no need for tools to be able to satisfy this need. You can get water skins, which can be used once you distance yourself from the river.

Medieval Dynasty - Thirst and Hunger

Hunger, on the other hand, can be a tad trickier. Especially depending on the season. Make sure to hunt plenty in the spring, summer, and autumn (fall). So that when winter rolls around, you have plenty of food stocked up.

7. Inventory Management

Before you have a fully staffed lumberjack, you will be gathering building materials yourself. Logs are especially heavy and take up a lot of space in your inventory. With a few logs, you’ll find yourself encumbered very quickly. This is why inventory management is so important. If you are spending an in-game day building up your settlement, you do not need to keep food, crafts, or other items in your inventory. Limit yourself to just the tools you need, so you can squeeze in an extra log.

6. Rolling Logs

Logs, as I have previously said, take up valuable inventory space. If you place your settlement near an uphill section. You can use gravity to roll down the logs to the bottom of the hill. This will save you a lot of time, and even if you get lumberjack happy, the log can be saved for use in the future.

Here is a guide on how to build a Medieval Dynasty Farm

If your settlement isn’t near an uphill section or is in fact uphill, this entry into our Medieval Dynasty tips can still be used to keep the logs in one easy-to-find place. Just make sure that there is a building or trees to prevent the logs from wandering off on their own.

5. Worker Priorities

5th in our list of Medieval Dynasty Tips is worker priorities. When you recruit your first citizens, it can be challenging to balance their needs with your goals. A citizen requires a home, food, water, and firewood to keep warm. Therefore, it is best to assign workers to fulfill one of these needs so you can spend less time gathering. I would recommend assigning your first worker to the lumberjack hut and prioritizing firewood, as doing this yourself is a time sink.

Medieval Dynasty - Settlement

Next, assign a citizen to the well, and then finally go hunting. Once you have three citizens working on these needs, the only task you will need to complete is crafting tools for each job role. This takes less time than gathering resources and can be done while doing other tasks such as building or questing.

4. Tool Management

Next in our list of Medieval Dynasty Tips. Keeping yourself well stocked with tools is one of the most important tasks you have. Without them, there isn’t much you can do. On top of your own needs, you will need to keep your citizens equipped so they can carry out their tasks.

To begin with, you only have access to the most basic version of the tools. Usually wood or stone. These tools last the least amount of time, but it is very easy to gather the materials needed to create them. Once you have access to mining, you can start crafting iron tools. Equip yourself first with iron tools before crafting items for your citizens. Especially if you find iron tools while out in the wild.

Once you have a regular amount of iron ore being extracted, the amount of tool management by your citizens reduces.

3. Winter Tips

medieval dynasty winter tips Winter has arrived 1

I’ve already written a guide on how to survive winter. However, the basics are that you have to keep yourself warm to make sure you don’t die of hypothermia. Torches and open fires will be your go to when you first begin. Torches will allow you to go about your business as usual. But once you unlock crafting thick clothing it is better to invest in clothing so you can carry more.

2. Farming Wheat

Second in our Medieval Dynasty Tips list is wheat.One of the most frustrating materials to get hold of is reeds to be used on building roofs. Once you start farming you can dedicate a space for wheat. Wheat can then be turned into reed material in the barn. Once you start expanding your farms you can then start to increase the space dedicated to wheat.

1. Overturned Carts

Our final entry of Medieval Dynasty tips is about overturned carts. To make your life easier keep an eye out for overturned carts or deserted camps. There is usually an overturned cart not too far west of Gostovia. The contents are usually random, but if you stumble across iron-grade tools, it will reduce the time you spend crafting new tools. If you are patient, you could always sell these for extra gold which can be spent on useful items or crafting recipes.

For a guide to getting started in Medieval Dynasty click here.

medieval dynasty guide cart

Medieval Dynasty Tips

Hopefully these Medieval Dynasty tips have set you on your way to becoming a far more efficient custodian of your dynasty. Once you have the bare necessities covered by your citizens you can start enjoying the countryside and going on adventures rather than being stuck in your village.

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