5 Useful Unholy Heights Tips

If you are struggling and need some Unholy Heights tips, you’ve come to the right place. Renting out an apartment building to a monster sounds fun. Until you get repeatedly beaten when you take on the quests on the quest board. Here are some tips to get you started. And if you want to check out my review, click here.

Unholy Heights Tips: Fill Those Rooms

Unholy Heights Fill those rooms

When you start, you only have 4 rooms to rent out. Make sure you fill those vacancies as soon as possible so that you can get a regular income. Don’t be afraid to duplicate the type of monsters that inhabit your rooms. Later down your landlord path you can be a bit more picky with the type of guests you let in.

Unholy Heights Tips: Mix Up the Attack Types

Unholy Heights Mix attacks

Even though you can have duplicate monsters. Make sure at the very least you have one melee type and one ranged type of monsters. This will result in multiple attacks on enemies when they come to invade your base. If you can get two of each this early on, will result in the maximum of 4 attacks per enemy.

Unholy Heights Tips: Fighting Tactics

Unholy Heights Fighting tactics

If you have ranged monsters, make sure there is at least one set of melee monsters between them and the enemy. Depending on how you have allocated your rooms, wait for the enemy to have a melee monster room between the enemy and the ranged monsters. Then knock on the melee monster’s door first, then follow up with the ranged monster. If you do have two of each attack type allocate them as follows:

Doing it as the above diagram, means that once the enemy goes past the first melee monster you can activate both melees first, then activate the Ranged monsters. For a four pronged attack. Of course if there is more than one enemy, don’t deploy the left ranged monster until the enemies are engaged in an attack on the right side of the left melee monster.

Unholy Heights Tips: Redecorate

Unholy Heights - Adding furniture

Each monster has its own wants. To check them click on a room and highlight the monster. In their thought bubble it will show what they need. Purchasing what they need will increase their satisfaction which once at a high enough level will boost their stats. Happier monsters are more likely to invite others of their kind to join them in their room. Which results in a baby monster.

Remember though, if a monster leaves for any reason all the things you bought stay in that room. When a new monster moves in you will then have to sell some of the things to cater to their needs.

Unholy Heights Tips: Eviction

Eviction of the monsters

There will come a point where the monster you have either don’t pay rent or no longer suit what you need. On the Switch to evict them, open the room and press Y. They will leave and all the stuff you bought will remain. Note this will only remove one monster at a time. Here are the following situations you should evict:

  •  Stronger monsters are available.
  • The offspring of a group have grown up with increased stats, need to evict the parents to breed even stronger versions.
  • The monster is having a negative effect on the rest of your residents.
  • he monster is far too weak to fight new enemies.

If a group of monsters isn’t paying rent, but are contributing to the fights then there is really no reason to evict them. Unless you’re not accepting quests regularly.

So that’s all the tips so far, I will be posting a review shortly as well as more tips if I have any. Have fun!

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