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Following on from my Fallout 3 Min-Max Build, I’ve also created the perfect Fallout New Vegas build to survive the Mojave Wasteland. Unlike previous installments, Fallout New Vegas introduces starting perks that provide a positive effect with an unfortunate side effect. Another addition are magazines, which, unlike skill books, temporarily boost one skill for a specific amount of time.


Unlike Fallout 3, neither New Vegas or its DLCs have a perk that automatically raises all S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes to 9. New Vegas also doesn’t contain any Bobbleheads, though there are some quest perks that bump up Strength 2 points. So the main focus will be on maximizing the number of skill points you earn per level and any resistances.

So here is the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. allocation:

StartImplantsReinforced SpineSPECIAL Bonus

The start points are the attributes you need to assign during character creation. Next, you want to make a speedy charge to New Vegas Medical Center to install implants, which provide a +1 bonus to each character SPECIAL. 

To be able to equip all seven, you need at least 7 points in Endurance. You need at least the intelligence implant by the time you get to level 3 for an easy journey to max skills.

Perfect Fallout New Vegas Build: SPECIAL
Pip-Boy: SPECIAL Skills

In the Old World Blues, you receive a number of bonuses, including +2 to the Strength attribute and one extra SPECIAL attribute depending on what you do with the Nuclear arsenal. For the purpose of maximizing your character, choose whichever SPECIAL compliments your play style.


If you have all the DLC, it is possible to earn 100 skill points in every skill. To do this, you need to pick up every skill book while also having at least 9 points in intelligence. With 9 points in intelligence, you will earn 15 points on every even level and 14 on every odd level up. While having 10 intelligence points results in 15 points on every level up,

To get the skill point needed, you will also need to pick up all skill books in both DLC and vanilla.

Fallout New Vegas Build: Clinic

For selecting your TAG! Skills, choose one combat skill such as Guns, Energy weapons, etc., one infiltration skill such as Sneak, lockpick, or Science, and finally a utility skill such as medicine, repair, or Survival.

​​Here is what you should end up:

SkillSkill Points
Energy Weapons15
Guns30 TAG
Melee Weapons13
Science38 TAG
Speech30 TAG

Level Up Guide

After you have finished the introduction, you will need to follow the below leveling guide to maximize your skills as well as get some useful perks.

2Science + 12 (50)E. Weapons +3 (18)Black Widow/ Confirmed Bachelor
3E. Weapons +15 (33)
4E. Weapons +15 (48)Educated
5E. Weapons +12 (60)Guns +5 (35)
6Guns +17 (52)Comprehension
7Guns +8 (60)Science +9 (59)
8Science +9 (68)Explosives +8 (21)GruntUse books to max out Science
9Medicine +17 (40)
10Medicine +17 (57)Bloody Mess
11Medicine +17 (74)
12Medicine +2 (76)Survival +15 (50)ToughnessUse books to max out Medicine
13Survival +17 (67)
14Survival +13 (80)Nerd RageUse books to max out Survival
15Barter + 17 (32)
16Barter + 17 (49)Rad Child
17Barter + 17 (66)
18Barter + 10 (76)Vigilant RecyclerUse books to max out Barter
19E. Weapons +16 (76)Explosives +1 (22)Use books to max out E. Weapons
20Explosives +17 (39)Living Anatomy
21Explosives +17 (56)
22Explosives +17 (73)Rad Resistance
23Explosives +3 (76)Guns +14 (74)Use books to max out Explosives
24Guns +2 (76)Lockpick +15 (30)Intense TrainingUse books to max out Guns
25Lockpick +17 (47)
26Lockpick +17 (64)Stonewall
27Lockpick +12 (76)M. Weapons +5 (18)Use books to max out Lockpick
28M. Weapons +17 (35)Robotics Expert
29M. Weapons +17 (52)
30M. Weapons +17 (69)Light Step
31M. Weapons +7 (76)Repair +10 (33)Use books to max out M. Weapons
32Repair +17 (50)Better Criticals
33Repair +17 (67)
34Repair +9 (76)Sneak +8 (23)Grim Reaper’s SprintUse books to max out Repair
35Sneak +17 (40)
36Sneak +17 (57)Intense Training
37Sneak +9 (68)Speech +8 (38)Use books to max out Sneak
38Speech +17 (55)Nerves of Steel
39Speech +17 (72)
40Speech +4 (76)Unarmed +13 (48)Them’s Good Eatin’Use books to max out Speech
41Unarmed +17 (65)
42Unarmed +17 (82)Certified Tech
43Unarmed +2 (84)
44Intensive Training
46Intensive Training
48Intensive Training
50Ain’t Like that Now/ Just Lucky I’m Alive/Thought you died

From Level 43 you have 134 skill points left, which can be used to supplement any skill books that you have missed.

Unfortunately, you will need to get the intelligence implant very early to make this work, which is located at the New Vegas Medical Center outside of the Strip. You will need to sprint there, avoiding any quests or enemies. The best route to take would be via Primm, then loop around to Novac and onwards. The implant costs 4,000 caps, so loot as much as you can.

The Perfect Fallout New Vegas Build

Though not as easy as Fallout 3, creating a fallout New Vegas perfect build is doable. The only way to boost all S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes to maximum is by cheating. Or by using the Intense Training perk.

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