No Man’s Sky Wiring Loom: How to Find It?

No Man’s Sky Wiring Loom is used to craft many different items that will prove useful for your space adventures. The majority of which is equipment; this makes the game far easier and allows you to access various resources very quickly.

Unfortunately, it is not an item you can craft. Instead, you must either purchase wiring looms or disassemble products into salvage, which results in wiring loom.

The Most Convenient Method

There is a Space Station in every system. Look for this icon as soon as you enter space: No Man's Sky Wiring Loom: Space Station IconFly to the space station and dock.

No Man's Sky Wiring Loom: Space Station

When you’re inside, turn left and jump to the next level. You should observe the following towards the back of the area:

No Mans Sky Wiring Loom: Galactic Trade Network

Move in front of the Galactic Trade Network and press the action button (X on Xbox). You should consider purchasing the Wiring Loom. It might be an expensive thing to purchase, so stock up on units before going out to buy it.

No Man's Sky Wiring Loom

Less Easy Method

You may have some upgrade modules that you aren’t using if you’ve been playing No Man’s Sky for a while. This could be because you lack the equipment that the upgrade improves or because you have far superior upgrade modules installed.

When you utilize the upgrade modules in a refinery, they will “refine” into Wiring Loom. If you don’t have more than three upgrades for the specific equipment, I would merely install it in the meantime.


There are a huge number of applications for wiring loom throughout the game. These all consist of either new equipment or upgrades.

Component 1Component 2Component 3Result
Gold x100Sodium Nitrate x50Wiring Loom x1Ablative Armour
Carbon Nanotubes x1Hermetic Seal x1Wiring Loom x2Advanced Mining Laser
Wiring Loom x3Convergence Cube x2Platinum x50Advanced Translator
Copper x160Carbon Nanotubes x5Wiring Loom x1Air Filtration Unit
Solar Mirror x1Wiring Loom x1Amplified Cartridges
Wiring Loom x2Cyto-Phosphate x90Hadal Core x3Archive Bypass Implant
Glass x4Wiring Loom x1Barrel Ioniser
Chromatic Metal x200Condensed Carbon x150Wiring Loom x1javelin Blaze Javelin
Glass x4Wiring Loom x1Boltcaster Ricochet Module
Chromatic Metal x250Wiring Loom x3Cadmium Drive
Solar Mirror x2Ion Battery x3Wiring Loom x1Cloaking Device
Ion Battery x2Wiring Loom x1Combat Scope
Walker Brain x1Wiring Loom x1COMBAT Conflict Scanner
Dioxite x200Wiring Loom x2Cyclotron Ballista
Magnetised Ferrite x50Paraffinium x50Wiring Loom x1Drift Suspension
Amino Chamber x3Wiring Loom x2Dyson Pump
Microprocessor x5Wiring Loom x1ECON Economy Scanner
Di-hydrogen Jelly x1Tritium x100Wiring Loom x2Efficient Thrusters
Cadmium x250Wiring Loom x4Emeril Drive
Storm Crystal x3Microprocessor x2Wiring Loom x2Environment Control Unit
Solar Mirror x1Wiring Loom x2Fourier De-Limiter
Magnetic Resonator x3Wiring Loom x2Fragment Supercharger
Magnetic Resonator x1Wiring Loom x1Geology Cannon
Magnetised Ferrite x50Tritium x50Wiring Loom x1Grip Boost Suspension
Magnetised Ferrite x50Dioxite x50Wiring Loom x1Hi-Slide Suspension
Storm Crystal x3Microprocessor x2Wiring Loom x2Icarus Fuel System
Phosphorus x200Hermetic Seal x4Wiring Loom x1Impact Igniter
Wiring Loom x1Deuterium x200Incinerator Incinerator
Emeril x250Wiring Loom x5Indium Drive
Phosphorus x200Wiring Loom x2Infra-Knife Accelerator
Chromatic Metal x160Magnetised Ferrite x70Wiring Loom x2Interstellar Scanner
Wiring Loom x2Unstable Plasma x4Large Rocket Tubes
Antimatter x5Magnetic Resonator x2Wiring Loom x2Launch Auto-Charger
Solar Mirror x1Wiring Loom x1Mass Accelerator
Antimatter x5Magnetic Resonator x3Wiring Loom x10Matter Beam
Phosphorus x80Uranium x50Wiring Loom x1Megawatt Heater
Wiring Loom x2Silver x50Pugneum x100Memory Fragment
Soul Engine x1Wiring Loom x3Glass x3Mind Ark
Quantum Computer x1Antimatter x1Wiring Loom x1Minotaur AI Pilot
Silicate Powder x100Cobalt x40Wiring Loom x1Exocraft Mounted Cannon Icon Minotaur Bore
Pugneum x50Projectile Ammunition x200Wiring Loom x1Exocraft Mounted Cannon Icon Minotaur Cannon
Chromatic Metal x80Di-hydrogen x65Wiring Loom x1LASER Minotaur Laser
Chromatic Metal x75Gold x50Wiring Loom x1Minotaur Radar Array
Magnetised Ferrite x95Magnetic Resonator x1Wiring Loom x1Neutron Cannon
Ionised Cobalt x50Deuterium x95Wiring Loom x1Neutron Shielding
Hermetic Seal x2Wiring Loom x1Tritium x100Nonlinear Optics
Wiring Loom x5Quantum Computer x3Solar Mirror x3Optical Drill
Gold x120Microprocessor x3Wiring Loom x1P-Field Compressor
Hermetic Seal x2Di-hydrogen Jelly x2Wiring Loom x1Paralysis Mortar
Ion Battery x2Wiring Loom x1Personal Forcefield
Tritium x100Wiring Loom x1Phase Beam
Amino Chamber x1Hermetic Seal x1Wiring Loom x1Plasma Launcher
Uranium x200Wiring Loom x2Positron Ejector
Deuterium x200Wiring Loom x1spitter Pulse Spitter
Solar Mirror x1Quantum Computer x1Wiring Loom x1Pulse Spitter Ricochet Module
Hydraulic Wiring x3Quantum Computer x1Wiring Loom x2Q-Resonator
Pugneum x200Wiring Loom x1Scatter Blaster Icon Scatter Blaster
Magnetised Ferrite x40Acid x1Wiring Loom x1Self-Greasing Servos
Magnetic Resonator x1Wiring Loom x1Scatter Blaster Upgrade Icon Shell Greaser
Wiring Loom x1Simple Translator
Wiring Loom x2Quantum Computer x1Chromatic Metal x50Superior Translator
Magnetic Resonator x3Quantum Computer x1Wiring Loom x2Survey Device
Antimatter x1Wiring Loom x3Teleport Receiver
Dioxite x80Hermetic Seal x2Wiring Loom x1Thermal Buffer
Wiring Loom x2Tritium x120Di-hydrogen x90Trade Rocket
Basalt x70Ion Battery x2Wiring Loom x1Voltaic Amplifier
Chromatic Metal x125Ionised Cobalt x75Wiring Loom x1Waveform Oscillator

No Man’s Sky Wiring Loom

Now that you have your Wiring Loom the universe is your oyster. You can now craft useful equipment/upgrades and progress your goals.

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