The Best Medieval Dynasty Beginner’s Guide in 2024

Medieval Dynasty blends the survival genre with the management genre. As a new Custodian, you can build a Medieval Village. Create a lively village and a substantial dynasty. Medieval Dynasty can be overwhelming at times. But this Medieval Dynasty Beginner’s Guide will help you overcome almost any difficulty.

Please note this guide was created using Medieval Dynasty PC version, however, this should also apply to Medieval Dynasty PS4, PS5, and Xbox versions.

Chapter 1

Medieval Dynasty Guide: The Welcoming Committee

When you first load Medieval Dynasty you spawn in a forest. Follow the path until you come to an opening. Down below, you can see a village. Make your way to the village, ignoring the path for the quickest route.

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Once inside the village’s boundaries, check your compass at the top of the screen. Follow the large exclamation mark to the village’s custodian, called Uniegost. Start a conversation with him. Once the conversation is finished, you now have the right to start your settlement.

Medieval Dynasty Beginner's Guide - Custodian
The Custodian

Exit the village via the West entrance (check the compass again if you are unsure). In the top right of your HUD, you will see two quests. A Chapter 1 quest and a Custodian quest. We are going to be completing the chapter-based quests first to speed up building your settlement.

Stone Axe

The first tool you need is a stone axe, which is used to cut down trees. This requires two stones and 10 sticks. The sticks are easy to find. Look for branches or bushes on the ground, and you can then pick up the sticks from these places. The stones, on the other hand, are a tad more difficult. You will need to keep your eyes on the ground to spot them, as they are small and easy to miss.

Medieval Dynasty Beginner's guide - Stone axe
Stone Axe

Once you have both, Hold LB (or press Q on PC) to access the crafting menu; use the keyboard or analogue stick to select tools; then click on the Stone Axe icon to begin crafting an axe. It should take less than five seconds to craft. Once crafted, press either Y on the gamepad or R on the keyboard. You now have an axe ready to cut down some trees.

Wooden Hammer

The final tool you need is a Wooden Hammer. Luckily, you don’t need stones for this tool. Only 10 sticks and 1 log the wooden hammer is not used to gather resources. Instead, it is used to either construct, deconstruct, or repair buildings that you have built. It has a reasonable amount of durability. But later on, you will have access to more durable hammers.

Medieval Dynasty Beginner's Guide - wooden hammer

First Home

Now that you have the required tools, you can begin building your settlement. Move away from the village and find an area that is relatively flat and has few trees in the way. Go into your crafting menu, then select buildings, then houses, and finally the simple small house. A blueprint will appear either in green or red. If it is red, you need to reposition the blueprint by moving yourself (you can also press Q or E to rotate). Once you are happy with the position and the blueprint is green, press your left mouse button or A on the gamepad.

Medieval Dynasty - Simple House

Dump everything you own into the storage box in your home. Keep only the Wooden Hammer, Stone axe, and some food. This will enable you to carry around 13 logs with no issues!

You are not done yet. Using the hammer, you can now start using your resources to build the house. The game will display the resources needed for the section you are facing. If you have all the necessary resources, use your hammer to build the section. Once a section is completed, you need to move on to the next section and repeat the process.

Hunger and Thirst

While carrying out these tasks, your character will become hungry and thirsty. Thirst is very easy to solve, just go swimming in the river, face down in the water, and press the use button to drink from the river. This will completely quench your thirst.

Medieval Dynasty: Health and Hunger

Food is a bit more tricky. Luckily you already have some right now. Go into your inventory and you can find a small selection of food. Eat these to replenish your hunger bar.

Animals and Hunting

Your next goal is to start hunting for food. The first objective is to craft a rabbit trap and place it nearby. This time open your crafting menu, go to Furniture & Decorations, then traps and then select the rabbit trap. It requires only 10 sticks which should be easy enough to find. Once you have the ten sticks put the trap down. Once placed the trap will automatically be made ready to catch a rabbit.

After some time (you may need to sleep) you will find that the trap has been sprung and you can then gather your spoils. But first you need something to carve it with. A Stone Knife. Stone knives require 5 sticks and 2 stones. The knife is used to skin animals and harvest meat which will become very useful as your food reserves dwindle.

Flying duck

The last hunting tool we need is a Wooden Spear which requires just one log. Once crafted make sure to equip it as we need to do some hunting. In the river near the wooden bridge, you should see some ducks. You can aim your spear at them (though aim a bit higher to accommodate gravity) and the throw it. If your prey then it will be killed instantly. If you miss use inspector mode (Left Alt button or LB button on gamepad) to find your spear and try again. Once you’ve been successful skin the duck and you’ve completed another objective. (Tip: you may want to head back to your rabbit trap to see if you caught anything).

Another Home

The next objective is to wait until the next season. Which if you have been following this guide quite rapidly, you still have a few days left. So instead we are going to build a few more buildings. The first will be another Simple Small House, this will eventually be the residence of your first citizen. But that won’t be for a bit longer. While building the next house, make sure to keep an eye on the durability bar next to tool icon. Once it is empty your tool will break. But it should be easy to craft replacements at this point. In the future, your citizens will be doing all the hard work for you.

Levelling Up

While cutting down trees, building, and crafting you will eventually level those skills. This grants you a skill point to use on that desired skill. To access the skills screen either press the back button on your controller or K on your keyboard. You can then change tabs to the skill that has been levelled up. I will go into more detail later on the best options for skill points. But for now, choose any skills that reduce the durability loss of tools.

Well, Well, Well.

While building the second house, you should earn enough technology points to unlock more buildings. Technology points are earned when carrying out activities. So by building, you should have unlocked the well and possibly the well itself. Your citizens will need water to survive. For some unknown reason, they can’t use rivers.

Medieval Dynasty - A nice Well

So, by building a well, a citizen can fill up water bottles and buckets to meet this need. The Well can be found in the crafting menu, under Buildings, then Extractions. Keep it close to your houses. Now that you know the basics of building, you should be able to get it well constructed pretty quickly.


Next up is storage. The houses you’ve built so far can handle 50 kg of items. But a Resource storage building increases by 1000 KG. After building two houses and a well, you should have unlocked the Level 1 Resource Storage Building.

Medieval Dynasty beginner's guide - Resource Building

It can be found in the crafting menu under Buildings, then enter the storage menu. The Resource Building is a lot bigger than the houses you’ve built so far. It may be tricky to find enough space for it. But if there are tree stumps in the way, craft a shovel to dig them up.

Woodcutter’s Hut

The final building that we are going to build is the Wood Shed I. Once your settlement has some workers, they can be assigned to the Wood shed to cut down trees. And turn them into firewood, logs, planks, and sticks. Firewood will be especially handy during the winter months. The Wood Shed can be found in the crafting menu, buildings, in the extraction section. It’s a small building, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding somewhere to build it.

Medieval Dynasty Guide: Workshop

End of Chapter 1

You have constructed the maximum number of buildings you can. In the next chapter of the Medieval Dynasty Beginner’s Guide, we will tackle a few quests to improve our Dynasty Rating.

Medieval Dynasty Beginner’s Guide Chapter 2

Raising the Dynasty Level

Return to Gostovia (the village you started in). We need to progress quests to increase your Dynasty level so that you can have more buildings. Head to the bar/inn/tavern and speak to the lady of the bar. If you are having trouble finding her, check the compass for an exclamation mark with lines coming out of it. She speaks more of your uncle and her husband. She provides you with drinks to take back to her husband (Uniegost).

Do so and he will also talk more about your adventurous uncle. This time Uniegos goes into more detail about how he met your uncle. But this time he teases and asks you to talk to him tomorrow for more information. In the meantime, you should have received Dobroniega’s Story I Quest when you spoke to her at the bar.

Go into your menu and go to the Journal tab. Select Deboroniega’s Story I and the compass should now highlight Jarogniewa. You can find her tending to grain crops South of the village. Talk to her for an update on the Rye delivery.

Medieval Dynasty farming

Unfortunately, she has bad news: her crops are no good. Though she did have the foresight to order some from another farm. Follow the compass again to track down this vendor. However, from the compass, you can see it is over 1500m away from your current location. Go back through the village and take the Western exit. Go back to your village and home. Pick up as much food as you have and start the long walk to Rolnica. Keep to the path. On the way, you may get lucky and spot overturned carts. Don’t be afraid to pilfer the goods. No one will miss them, and sometimes you get tools much better than the one’s you own.

Medieval Dynasty Guide: Overturned cart with resources scattered around it.

It should only take you up to ten minutes to get to Rolnica. Make sure to keep an eye on your hunger and thirst bars. There is plenty of game to be hunted along the way if you run out of food. The river is also very close by to keep a check on thirst.

Once in Rolnica, follow your compass to locate Nadar. Initiate a chat with him. Another setback: the delivery guy left Nadar but hasn’t been sent back. You need to walk the way you came and try to find him. Follow the exclamation mark again, instead of directing you to one specific place. The map shows a large area you need to scan. Fear not; if you follow the path back home, you should come across blood pools on the ground. Follow these, and you should find your courier. Below is a map and the courier in question.

Now you have to run back to Rolnica again. To get help from Nadar. Tell him what has happened and he will offer you a reward. Take it as he gives you 300 coins. A hefty sum that will come in useful later.

You can now head back to Gostovia and give Deboroniega the parcel to complete the story. Next go back home and go to sleep. We can now continue Uniegost’s Story.

Just a quick heads up. While playing through myself I woke up in the next season. If you are still in Spring you can continue with Uniegost’s quest with no real issue. If you’ve gone to the next season, Chapter III: Good Morning My Neighbours will start. Nonetheless, we will stay on Uniegost’s quest for now as it will help progress into chapter 3.

Uniegost’s Story I Continued

We can now hop back to the village and speak to Uniegost to hear more of your uncle and their band of thieves/persons. You’ll now need to leave Gostovia and make your way to Sambor’s place. It’s a shorter trek than Rolnica, but keeping stocked up on food will be a huge boon. Make your way to his home and speak to the nice chap. Keep your wits about you however, there are many beasts on the Northern side of the river. Some have a taste for human flesh. Make sure to keep a spear handy. But avoiding wolves and other large animals is the best course of action.

Medieval Dynasty: Sanbors home. A hunting lodge and a simple home.

Sambor will give you a shovel and ask you to dig some clay from behind his house. Then return once you have the clay. He dislikes people. He will continue his story of one of your uncle’s first great feats. But then asks you to leave. Head back to Gostovia and tell Uniegost the news. He will then speak of another tale. Then give you a task to get a Scythe back from Ida.

Uniegost’s Story II

Ida is only 200m away in a village called Borowo. So head North swim or use one of the bridges to get to Borowo and track down Ida.

Medieval Dynasty: Ida the lady with the riddles.

Apparently, Uniegost lost the scythe in a game to Ida. She will offer to sell it or play a game. Buying it is out of the question, so she plays a game. A game of riddles. You have 3 riddles and you cannot make a mistake.

  • What disappears the second you say its name? Silence
  • Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. What am I? Fire
  • I can fly but have no wings, I can cry but I have no eyes. Wherever I go, darkness follows me. What am I? A cloud.

Then head back to our favourite person Uniegost. Give him back the Scythe and this will complete Uniegost’s Story II.

First Summer

If you are not already in Summer, return to your home and sleep until next season. With the progress we’ve made so far. Chapter 3 should only require one objective: Successfully flirt. In Gostivia head to the campfire near the Western exit. Find a female, Select [Romance] > You seem very interesting. Can I ask you something? Choose the first option and you should then complete Chapter 3.

Hunting Lodge

You can finally build more. Chapter IV quest requires you to build a hunting lodge. Hunting lodges provide jobs for hunters. With the correct tools, they can go out and hunt for Game. Allowing you to spend time doing more interesting things. So you better start building that lodge. None of the resources for creating a lodge are new to you.

Once built, return to your storage box in your home and pick up all the meat you have. Go back into the hunting lodge. Opposite the door slightly to the right is a drying rack. Which you can use to extend the life of any meat you have.


Next, we need to hunt a boar or a fox. But first, cut down some logs and craft a few spears. Next, head to the lower area.

There should be plenty of boars and foxes around this area. Foxes are very skittish. If you throw a spear at them and miss they will run. While boars will tank a few hits before running off. This is why you need a hefty stock of spears to complete this quest. Make sure to skin the animals, as they provide leather needed for the next quest.

Tip: If you spot a fox/boar, make sure to quick-save before pursuing. If they get away or kill you, then you have the save file to fall back on rather than having to search for other prey.

Farm Beginnings

I’ve previously created a farm tutorial here. But you can follow along with this guide as well. Chapter V requires a Wooden Hoe and a Simple bag. A simple bag requires 3 leathers, which you should have got from your previous hunting endeavours. While the Wooden Hoe requires 1 log and 5 sticks. Which should be easy enough to fulfil.

Next head back to Gostovia and speak to Edwin, his icon is a bag of gold with a feather above it. You need to purchase:

  • 15 x Fertiliser
  • 15 x Carrot Seeds
  • 15 x Wheat Grain
  • 15 x Cabbage Seeds

If you do not have enough coins. You can craft tools to then sell onto merchants. However, from the quests we’ve completed so far you should have almost enough funds.

Once you’ve got the seeds, head back to your settlement. Find a flat piece of land. Go into the crafting menu, Buildings, Farming, and Field. You need to create 15 chunks of land. I would recommend 5×3. Once placed, equip your new simple bag and select the fertilizer. It should automatically have fertilizer equipped; if not, press the Left Trigger and select the fertilizer. Then use the bag on every chunk of farmland. Next, equip the plough and use it to plough the land. Finally, select your bag, equip one of the seeds, and plant all 15 chunks. You now have a working farm!

The next building is the Barn. Barn’s can turn wheat into a variety of resources such as straw. Which means less reed gathering in the future. The barn is quite easy to build, none of the resources are unexpected and should only take a few minutes to gather and build. After the barn you need to build food storage. For all your perishables.

Medieval Dynasty Guide: A nice little barn for your future farm.

Then straight after you will need to build a workshop. It’s very likely that you haven’t unlocked it yet. It requires technology points in production. The simplest way of doing this is to craft multiple tools which will come in useful later on. Once unlocked, build the Workshop in your settlement to complete Chapter VI.

Medieval Dynasty Guide: Workshop

A Community

Finally we can start recruiting people into our settlement. Head to Gostovia. Once you enter the village from the West side. Look to the left and their should be a campfire with a few people around it. Enter Inspector Mode and you should see some icons above the people. If they only have one symbol they cannot be recruited. The one’s with multiple symbols can. The numbers next to the icons show how effective that person is at each skill. At this point they will mostly haves 1s and 2s. So select a person with mostly 2s. Open a chat with them and select the 5th option and they should join your settlement.

Medieval Dynasty - Travellers around a campfire.

Next go into your menu and go to the Management tab. You should see your new settler. Under status you can also see how happy they are with housing, food, water and firewood. See below:

Medieval Dynasty: Happiness

Select your new settler and then click on the empty slot(Assign House), and choose an empty house.

Medieval Dynasty: Assignment

Next, select the Workplace option. All workplaces available will now appear on the left-hand of the screen. Depending on that settler’s skillset, choose the workplace that has the highest Skills. If like the settler below you have multiple options, chose either the Well or the Hunting Lodge. This way you can focus on gathering wood and building new buildings. It will then ask you to select a slot, just choose the first one

Medieval Dynasty: Skills of the settlers.

You will notice that under the status of the workplace is a red note. Hover over the workplace and hold either the left mouse button or A on your controller. The reason for this is that there are no assignments. On the next screen that appears move to the next with the hammer with the rounded arrow.

As you can see from the below, all assignments are paused because there is no intensity assigned to them. If you select one of the Assignments and increase the intensity, the worker will prioritize assignments with higher values. This will result in more resources. There isn’t much choice. But for the hunting lodge, increase the intensity of the meat to 100% for now. Food will always be in need, and it’s best to stock up now.

To complete the rest of the chapter, you need to have 15 buildings in your settlement. I would also recommend starting to stockpile food, firewood, and water. Food can be either hunted or farmed. Plus, if you have your workers at the hunting lodge, they will be able to provide a lot of food.

Medieval Dynasty guide worker intensity

Firewood can be crafted at the woodshed by cutting down trees and converting the logs into firewood. These will keep your citizens warm during the winter nights. But also during any other season.

Water can be sourced from the well that you built. However, it would help if you had a container. Head back into your menu, then to Technology and Production Technology. Select Workshop I and buy the Bucket. Buckets can be made out of planks which are refined logs. Then take the planks to the workshop and you can then craft a bucket. Finally, go to the well and fill the bucket with water.

With all these resources, make sure to store them in your resource building, which will divvy the resources to where they need to be.

Medieval Dynasty Beginner’s Guide

That’s all, folks, for this Medieval Dynasty guide. I have many other Medieval Dynasty guides for you, including one for winter, the most dangerous season in the game.

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